Our commitment is to develop, manufacture and sell the finest surgical instruments made especially for the Thoracic Surgeon.

We are continually adding new patterns to our catalog offerings and are always looking to fabricate custom or specialty patterns that better address the evolving needs of the Thoracic specialist. Please do not hesitate to ask us to prototype your idea…we can usually put a custom sample in your hands, ready to try, in 30 days or less! Since we control our manufacturing, this is not just marketing jargon, but indeed a reality! We are so confident of our ability to produce prototypes quickly, that if we miss our delivery commitment to you, the instrument is FREE!

Our current Instruments are arranged with photographs, including tip details, for easy reference:

Standard VATS Instrumentation - Sponge Forceps, Tonsillars, Scissors

Specialized VATS Instrumentation

Cardiovascular Instrumentation

THORAMET VATS products and many of our specialty instruments are fabricated and finished in our own facilities by our own people, craftsmen who take pride in their work, especially the details! These capabilities enable us to respond efficiently, to insure a high, uniform level of quality and product consistency, year in and year out. Regardless of the manufacturing process or location, all THORAMET products are subject to our own rigorous Quality Assurance inspection, providing you, the Thoracic Surgeon, with the utmost level of confidence.

Let THORAMET be your instrument partner. Have a question or idea? Call me direct or email me anytime. I look forward to speaking to you.

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